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BBQ Vortex

Charcoal isn’t cheap, so why let it go to waste? The BBQ Vortex reduces charcoal burn and allows you to take control of your flames. If you’re looking for the perfect searing zone, or a true indirect heat flow across your drum smoker, kettle, or ceramic grill; the BBQ Vortex will give you professional results, every time. The BBQ Vortex is truly one of the most versatile tools you can own, and will quickly become your favorite BBQ accessory.

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  •  BBQ Vortex - Large

    BBQ Vortex - Large


    Special Price $42.00

    BBQ Vortex - Large

    Take control of your fire and reduce your charcoal waste with the BBQ Vortex. It allows you to turn out top BBQ results by redirecting heat in your charcoal cooker. Use it for searing, indirect cooking, and more. Become a master charcoal cook today!

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  • BBQ Vortex - Medium


    Special Price $39.95

    BBQ Vortex - Medium

    Turn out top backyard BBQ results with the best BBQ accessory for charcoal grills and smokers, the BBQ Vortex. The BBQ Vortex allows you to reduce charcoal waste all while giving you the versatility to cook with both indirect and direct heat. It's a BBQ tool you'll never want to cook without. Get yours today!

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  • BBQ Vortex - Small


    Special Price $34.95

    BBQ Vortex - Small

    Reduce your charcoal waste and turn out top BBQ results with the BBQ Vortex. It gives you full control over the heat of your pit, making it the ultimate BBQ tool for charcoal cooks. Get yours today!

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