F. Dick

F. Dick 7" Santoku Kullenschiff - ProDynamic


Chop vegetables, cut meats, and mince herbs with a versatile Santoku Knife. Similar to a Chef’s knife, a Santoku knife can do a variety of task and with a F.Dick’s Pro-Dynamic Santoku knife you can perform any cutting task with ease.

Made of high carbon stainless steel, the blade on this santoku knife has been crafted for efficient long term use without needing to constantly be resharpened. The blade features a kullenschliff fine-edge that will keep your food from sticking to the knife and makes the blade easy to clean. F.Dick’s Pro-Dynamic Santoku Knife makes a great addition to any kitchen. Order yours today!

Made in Germany
8’’ Kullenschliff blade
High Carbon Stainless Steel blade
NSF approved