Blues Hog

Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce - 20oz

SKU: 550BHO ISBN: 665591893037

Blues hog OG BBQ Sauce keeps proving it's deliciousness by winning competitions time and time again with it's thick, sweet yet spicy flavor. This ones for those who have a sweet tooth and want to glaze their food in a nice thick coat of sweet BBQ sauce.

This original BBQ sauce is perfect for ribs, BBQ chicken, porkchops, and makes amazing, sweet and tangy chicken wings. It's so good, you can even use it as a ice cream topping, but we recommend to stick to meats for the best results.

The perfect BBQ sauce for competitors, caterers, restaurants and backyard chefs. Blue Hogs BBQ sauce enhances all meats prepared on the grill or in the kitchen. It's such a versatile sauce you can use it on anything and everywhere. If you're a backyard chef, serve competition winning dishes with a coating of Blue Hogs Original BBQ Sauce. Blue Hogs BBQ Sauce is made out of all-natural ingredients which is what makes it so great. You'll be lickin' your fingers to savor every last drop. Blues Hog BBQ is a jar of savory addicting goodness!

Use on: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish
Gluten Free

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Ketchup, Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Spice, Chili Powder, Worcestershire Sauce, Vanilla Extract, Dried Garlic