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Meadow Creek has been specializing in hand-crafting quality outdoor cookers since 1980. They are one of the few BBQ manufacturers who still remain family-owned, hand-craft and gather all their high-quality materials from the USA. Their old-fashioned way of hand-crafting every piece of their BBQ cookers with only the highest quality USA materials has gained the trust of BBQ cooks everywhere: Award-winning chefs, backyard BBQ cooks and food service professionals have all trusted Meadow Creek to provide professional quality USA-made outdoor cookers. Meadow Creek BBQ cookers are versatile, easy to use, and will last you a lifetime. From flat tops to pig roasters, Meadow Creek has a BBQ cooker for everyone. With years of BBQ success, you can trust in a Meadow Creek to turn plain BBQ into a blue ribbon worthy dish.

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  • Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer
    Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer

    The TS120 is fully loaded to get on the road. Simply mount your TS120 Trailer to your vehicle and you'll be able to get smokin' anywhere your BBQ heart desires. Loaded with many other features, the TS120 trailer is a keeper.

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  • Meadow Creek TS120P
    Meadow Creek TS120P

    A smoker you can push around and pull when you need to. The TS120P allows you to position your smoker anyway you want with no struggle with it's 18'' wheels, and once you've found the perfect spot, the you can lock your casters to keep your smoker in place.

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  • Meadow Creek BX50
    Meadow Creek BX50

    The BX50 was built just to suit your smoking needs. You'll fall in love with the features this smoker has such as the gravity fed water system. This system does the water refilling for you! One less thing you need to do. Check out the features that make this BBQ smoker so great. 

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  • Meadow Creek TS70P Smoker
    Meadow Creek TS70P Smoker

    TS70P is a smoker that's fully loaded to make you the king/queen of smoking. With this BBQ smoker's reverse air flow system you'll cook up perfect meat with minimal effort and with the durable quality of the TS70P, you're set for a lifetime of BBQ smoking. - Made in the USA.

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  • Meadow Creek BX25
    Meadow Creek BX25

    If you liked the BX50 but thought it was too large for you then we've got the perfect smoker for you. The BX25 is nearly half the size of the BX50 and features the same great advantages. You'll be getting the same high-quality smoker in a size that suits your smoking needs.

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  • Meadow Creek PR72
    Meadow Creek PR72

    If you're in need of cooking space, the PR72 is the cooker for you. This charcoal/wood fired cooker will roast you up to a 325 lb. hog or smoke and grill A LOT of other meats. The size of this cooker is ideal for some serious outdoor cooking.

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  • Meadow Creek SQ36 Offset BBQ Smoker
    Meadow Creek SQ36 Offset BBQ Smoker

    Don't spend a bucket of money on an expensive offset smoker; Meadow Creek's SQ36 is half the price and will deliver great quality results for a long, long time. The SQ36 was built as a heavy-duty smoking machine that can withstand constant use and at this mind-blowing low price, you'll never find another smoker that delivers the same great results.

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  • Meadow Creek PR60
    Meadow Creek PR60

    The PR series from Meadow Creek are the most versatile and easy to use cookers. - The PR60 allows you to roast a whole 250 lb. hog and a ton of other meats! With it's swirling air flow system, you'll never have to turn your meat, and it'll never burn. You'll have evenly cooked hog, or meat every single time.

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