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Pro Shot BBQ Meat Injectors 

Barbecue pro's everywhere use BBQ meat injectors to enhance the flavor and tenderness of all their BBQ meats, prep like the pro's with the FDA approved Pro Shot Meat Injector. BBQ meat injectors are popular in the BBQ competition circuit and in backyard BBQ for their ability to add irresistible flavor and moisture to meats in only seconds, they are considered the fastest and most effective way to producing competition worthy results. The Pro Shot Meat Injector is easy to hold, heavy duty, and capable of handling any BBQ task, take your BBQ to the next level with a BBQ meat injector. 

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  • ProShot Injector II
    ProShot Injector II

    Inject your meats with precision and ease with a heavy-duty meat injector. Featured a pistol grip design, injecting your favorite BBQ meats has never been easier.

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  • Pro Shot Meat Injector 14 Gauge Needles - 12 Pack

    Pro Shot Meat Injector 14 Gauge Needles - 12 Pack

    Running low on Pro Shot Injector needles? Stock up on replacement needles with this 12 pack of 14 gauge needles - exclusively for use with Pro Shot Injector. 

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