Portable Kitchen

PK Portable Kitchen Charcoal Grill and Smoker - Graphite


The Portable Kitchen or PK Grill and Smoker is a versatile BBQ grill and smoker that has been providing delicious BBQ results to cooks for over 60 years. The PK Grill is known as one of the best BBQ grills out in the market for its unbelievable durability and ability to provide top-notch BBQ results for generations (yes, generations!) Testimonials show that this heavy-duty BBQ grill and smoker can be passed down for generations and still cook up BBQ results as if it were a brand new grill. For over 60 years the PK Grill & Smoker has been listed among the best charcoal grills available and is respected among BBQ professionals. The PK Grill and smoker remains highly affordable for its unbelievable abilities and when purchasing a PK Grill, you’ll never need to purchase another grill again. PK Grills are built to last!

Tip: Customize your PK Grill to suit your cooking needs with upgrades such as the PK Pizza Stone, rib racks and more. Select your preferred upgrades in the "select options" tab. Upgrades are an additional cost.

Amazing Cooking abilities

PK Grills/smokers allow you to grill and smoke at professional levels with no hassle. With the PK grill by your side you’ll be able to cook low and slow with indirect heat or hot and fast with direct heat, the PK Grill and smoker will deliver exceptional BBQ results with any cooking method you choose because this BBQ grill delivers unbeatable temperature and air control, resulting in smooth heat distribution and even cooking without needing to constantly turn your food. With a PK grill and smoker, you don’t have to worry about heat escaping through the cracks because this BBQ grill was designed with heavy top and bottom castings and built by hand to ensure an airtight seal against heat or smoke. The PK grill performs as much as an oven as an outdoor grill. With this airtight seal, you'll be able to smoke food until the meat slides off the bone with no hassle. The PK charcoal grill and smoker makes cooking easier than ever.

Built to last

The PK BBQ grill and smoker is made of aluminum ¼ inch thick casting for the best heat retention. Aluminum holds heat better and ensures an airtight seal for amazing smoky BBQ results and even cooking with every cook. For easy temperature control, the PK grill features a 4-way venting system which allows for accurate and easy air control with every single cook without the flare-ups from fat drippings. Apart from the PK grill and smokers' amazing cooking abilities, this BBQ grill is built to last. Being made of aluminum cast and made by hand, the PK grill is inherently rustproof and indestructible. This may be the last grill you ever buy with its unbelievable durability. It even comes standard with 10 years of aluminum cast warranty, but we know you won't need it. The PK grill is a smart choice for lake houses, beach houses, wet climate, and camping because this heavy-duty grill can handle any weather. PK grills from the 1950’s era are still turning out great BBQ results till’ this day. That’s how durable and indestructible the PK BBQ grills are. You can even take your PK grill and smoker anywhere with its amazing portability. The oven detaches from the carriage without tools for easy portability and easy cleaning. This is a BBQ grill that’s been built for adventures, it’s perfect for camping and tailgating, you’ll have BBQ on the go anytime and anywhere.

Turn out unbelievable BBQ results and never buy another grill again with the versatile PK charcoal grill and smoker by your side. It’s durable, portable, versatile and easy to use. The PK grill is a charcoal grill and smoker you’ll be able to pass down for generations. Get yours today!

Dimensions (grill+cart): 35”H x 34.5”W x 20”D

Dimensions (grill only): 14”H x 26.3”W x 15.4”D

Fuel Type: Charcoal

Construction: Aluminum Cast

Standard Cooking Surface: 21.5” x 14” nickel-plated steel cooking grid - hinged

Color: Graphite

Fuel: Charcoal

Aluminum Charcoal Grill Capsule


Hardware required for assembly + instructions

Nickel-plated steel cooking grid - hinged

USA made

Steel Charcoal Grate

10-year aluminum cast warranty