Blues Hog

Blues Hog Smokey Mountain BBQ Sauce - 1/2 Gallon

SKU: 560BHS ISBN: 665591893167

If you're a fan of smoked barbecue, then Blues Hog Smokey Mountain is a must.

Smokey Mountain BBQ sauce takes your tastebuds on an adventure of flavors, with it's hints of hickory smoke, and a mixtures of tangy and sweet flavors, with some spices added. After one taste you won't want to let go of the jar. Add Smokey Mountain to any BBQ dish, use it on your BBQ ribs, chicken, brisket, or even use it as a dipping sauce for fries. There's no limits on what to put your smokey BBQ sauce on, just make sure it's edible..

We know how irresistible Smokey Mountain BBQ sauce is, which is why we now offer it in a 1/2 gallon.

Enjoy the smoky goodness of Blues Hog Smokey Mountain Sauce.

Use on: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish
Gluten Free