Sterling Ball

"Big Poppa"

World Champion Pitmaster

With over 30 years of cooking experience, Big Poppa’s passion for cooking outdoors has led him to have his hand in almost every aspect of the barbecue world. From veteran pitmasters to weekend warriors; outdoor cooks across the nation trust Sterling’s taste when it comes to which meats, rubs, and sauces to use in competition.

Who is Sterling?

  • Head cook of the Big Poppa Smokers Competition BBQ Team - over 140 1st place trophies
  • Owner of Big Poppa Smokers Online BBQ Store
  • Creator of Big Poppa Seasoning + Rub Line and the DIY Drum Smoker Kit
  • Won over 80 Grand and Reserve Grand Championships
  • Culinary Development for major restaurant chain with over 200 locations
  • Owner of award-winning Granny’s BBQ Sauce
  • Creator of The King of the Smoker Invitational and Guinea Pig events, as well as the BBQ Hall of Fame

Why He Cooks

Sterling shares insight into what cooking outdoors means to him.

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