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Big Poppa's Little Louie's Garlic Pepper Seasoning - 14.5oz

Little Louie's Garlic Seasoned Salt with Pepper isn't just good; it's phenomenal on everything. Seriously, you name it, and Little Louie's can make it taste even better. Think of it as an upgrade from your standard garlic salt, designed with a culinary mastermind's touch – Big Poppa himself, who envisioned this masterpiece with the classic brisket recipe in mind. The essential trio of garlic, salt, and pepper is harmoniously blended in Little Louie's, making it one of the finest base rubs on the market while also serving as a stellar all-purpose seasoning.

Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt unveils a balanced and savory symphony of flavors, harnessing the timeless trio of salt, pepper, and garlic. Together, these ingredients work their magic, enhancing the taste of everything they touch. It's this versatile flavor profile that has prompted BBQ pros, backyard grill enthusiasts, and chefs alike to bid farewell to their conventional garlic salt and embrace Little Louie's Seasoning.

Prepare to stock up because one bottle won't suffice. You'll want two – one to keep proudly perched next to your grill and the other poised beside your stove.
Packaged in a generous 14.5 oz shaker, Little Louie's Garlic Pepper Seasoning invites you to reimagine your culinary creations. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or simmering, it's the secret ingredient that turns every dish into a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Discover the transformative power of Big Poppa's Little Louie's Garlic Pepper Seasoning – where straightforward flavors lead to culinary excellence!


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Customer service is top notch!  Shipping is quick.  I have zero complaints and I order a lot of products from BPS!

I have been a customer of BPS from the beginning. Your customer service and products are truly amazing!

Big Poppa Smokers is a major presence in America’s backyards as well as the competition cooking community due to the quality of products available and involvement they have with the sport.  Every recipe we have turned in has a Big poppa Smokers rub incorporated in it.

Ordered the brussel sprouts at BJ's Restaurant with Big Poppa's Desert Gold Rub and liked it so much I went online to find it for my own kitchen. It's fantastic! Get some!

I have been using Big Poppa products for years

I'm a multiple time buyer. Can't give a better review than that!