Neoprene Double Insulated Gloves


The Ansell 19-024 Neoprene Insulated Gloves give your hands the maximum protection from high temperatures. These BBQ gloves are made of high-quality neoprene with the comfort and heat-resistance of a soft, removable thermal liner made of fleece/jersey. They are designed to protect from intermittent contact with hot surfaces up to 400F. Neoprene Gloves are heavy weight making them durable and reusable.

Perfect for all uses from cold meats to hot rotisserie ovens and racks of barbecue. Being multi-usable these gloves can be used for chemical handling, cleaning and being FDA approved makes them perfect for protection from the heat that comes with BBQ grilling.

Bring on the heat, and stay protected with your Ansell 19-024 Neoprene Insulated Gloves.

Gloves are 18 inches long and sized to a 10