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Drum Parts

The ultimate destination for all your BPS Drum Smoker needs. With our extensive Drum Smoker Parts collection, each piece is designed to enhance your smoking experience, ensuring durability and efficiency. Our selection includes high-quality, precision-engineered components like stainless steel grates, heat-resistant handles, professional-grade thermometer kits, and robust lid hinges, tailored specifically for the BPS Drum Smoker. Perfect for both amateur and seasoned grill masters, these parts offer the reliability you need for authentic, flavorful barbecue.

Whether you're looking to replace worn-out elements or upgrade your smoker’s capabilities, our products are sure to meet your needs. Shop now and take your 55 Gallon drum smoker to the next level with our top-selling items like the adjustable vent system, charcoal basket, and custom-fit covers. Enjoy competitive prices, expert advice, and the convenience of online shopping. Elevate your smoking game today with our top-tier drum smoker accessories!


Big Poppa's Ultimate DIY Project for the BBQ Lover

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Turn gatherings into memorable feasts with your DIY drum smoker.

Build Your Dream BBQ

Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Drum Smoker

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Round stainless steel grill grate with closely spaced rods and two built-in handles for easy placement and removal.Beefy stainless steel  grate on drum smoker as Big Poppa is preparing wings for the big game.
Silver metallic cooking grate for a drum grill, featuring a round design with evenly spaced bars and a small handle for easy lifting. The background is solid black, emphasizing the grate's details.
Green fabric cover for a drum smoker, shown with a smooth and seamless design to protect from external elements.Detailed close-up of the textured green fabric used for a drum smoker cover, highlighting the weave and stitching details.
Medium-sized BBQ Vortex in action: Enhance your grilling experience with this versatile accessory, perfect for achieving optimal airflow and even cooking. Witness its effectiveness in action!Image of vortex in the smoker and how to use it .
BBQ Vortex - Medium Sale price$39.99
Stainless steel charcoal basket with a circular design featuring multiple ventilation slots for airflow. It includes a handle for easy lifting and a stabilizing leg to maintain position inside a grill.
Close-up image of a stainless steel barbecue thermometer with a circular dial. The dial is marked with temperatures ranging from 100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and features an orange flame logo at the 400-degree mark. The thermometer has a long metal probe extending from its base for measuring heat.
Close-up of Unknown BBQ Drum Smoker Lid Hinge on a 55-gallon drum smoker, showcasing its sturdy stainless steel construction and precise installationClose-up of Unknown BBQ Drum Smoker Lid Hinge on a 55-gallon drum smoker, showcasing its sturdy stainless steel construction and precise installation
A long, metallic rod with a simple, symmetrical star-shaped handle on one end and a curved hook on the other, set against a stark black background. The rod is designed for practical use, likely as a tool for handling or adjusting items within a drum or smoker.
BPS Charcoal Nest Hook Sale price$6.99
Side view of a stainless steel ash catcher for a drum smoker, featuring a reflective circular plate with a raised rim and a central supporting rod, set against a plain background.Exploded view of a stainless steel ash catcher assembly kit for a drum smoker, displaying a round grate, several nuts and bolts, and a flat round cover, all arranged on a transparent background.
A stylized black and white image of a circular grill grate with several rows of narrow slots and a rectangular handle on the top side.A digital illustration of a round, silver grill grate with parallel and diagonal bars, featuring a rectangular handle on one side.
Sturdy metal lid handle for a smoker, featuring a natural wood grip fixed to a silver metallic bracket, designed for durability and ease of use. The handle is displayed against a partly transparent background, highlighting its sleek, functional design.
Sturdy metal lid handle for a smoker, featuring a natural wood grip fixed to a silver metallic bracket, designed for durability and ease of use. The handle is displayed against a partly transparent background, highlighting its sleek, functional design.
Image showing an assembled wooden side table with two metal support brackets. The table top is made from natural wood planks and has a gentle curve on one edge, fitted with matte black metal brackets.Disassembled parts of a wooden side table consisting of three separate wooden planks, a set of screws and washers, two metal brackets, and an Allen key, all arranged on a black background.
A circular barbecue grill mesh mat. The mat features a tightly woven, fine mesh pattern in white, designed to prevent food from slipping through while ensuring even heat distribution during grilling.
A cylindrical stainless steel charcoal basket featuring a fine mesh design with three supporting legs and a central lifting handle. The basket is designed for efficient airflow and durability, ideal for containing charcoal or wood chunks in a grill or smoker.
Close-up of a shiny stainless steel bottle opener embossed with the 'Big Poppa Smokers' logo. The opener has a classic top-pull design, featuring a curved handle with a circular hole for hanging and a black, concave base for cap removal, set against a black background.
A metallic lid hook for a drum smoker, featuring a vertical design with two circular holes for attachment and a curved base. The hook is displayed against a dark background, silver-gray finish and streamlined shape.
Stainless steel BBQ Vortex accessory for grills, ensuring even heat distribution and versatile cooking methodsBBQ Vortex accessory in drum grill, perfectly cooking chicken wings with even heat distribution
BBQ Vortex - Large Sale price$42.99
BBQ Vortex Small, stainless steel grilling accessory for even heat distribution and enhanced cooking results in BBQ smokers and grills.  This vortex that features the charcoal illustrates how it works to allow for a hotter and longer burn.Image of a kettle grill that features the vortex in the middle and chicken wings around the edges of the grill grate.
BBQ Vortex - Small Sale price$35.99
Picture of a stainless steel guru adapter with Big Poppa Smoker's Vintage Logo on it
A circular top vent made of stainless steel with a flat surface featuring multiple round holes for airflow regulation. The vent includes a tab on the side for easy adjustment, highlighted against a dark background to accentuate its metallic sheen and precision cutouts.
A rectangular metal tool hook shield featuring the logo of Big Poppa Smokers. The shield has a silver-grey finish with the logo in black, including the website '' printed below. It includes three hooks for hanging tools, centrally located along the bottom edge.
GrillGrate for Drum Smoker 20-inch with turner, durable grilling surface with enhanced heat distribution and included turner tool for perfect grilling
A metal slider vent for a smoker, engraved with 'Big Poppa Smokers'. The vent is long and narrow with a polished silver finish, featuring an oval hole at one end and a rectangular notch at the other.
Top of the Big Poppa Smoker's Drum Smoker with smoke coming out of the vent area.

DIY Kits for Custom Smokers

Build Your Own BBQ Drum Smoker

Do you love BBQ and dream of crafting your own drum smoker? Big Poppa's DIY Drum Kit is the perfect solution for backyard cooks eager to elevate their grilling game. This premier kit includes step-by-step instructions and top-of-the-line materials, making it easy to upgrade your smoker. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a novice looking to delve deeper into the world of smoking, our kit provides everything you need to build a high-performance smoker. Take control of your BBQ adventures by constructing your own drum smoker—start impressing your guests with uniquely smoked flavors. Elevate your cooking and create unforgettable meals with Big Poppa's DIY Drum Kit.

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