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Offset Smokers

Delve into the world of classic BBQ with our superior offset smokers. Crafted for the low and slow cooking tradition, these smokers are ideal for those who cherish authentic smoky flavors. Available at Big Poppa Smokers, our range features well-respected brands known for durability and precision. Whether you're a professional pitmaster or a BBQ enthusiast, find the perfect offset smoker to enhance your culinary creations and master the art of traditional smoking.

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A large, black Meadow Creek BBQ smoker on wheels with a cylindrical body, a chimney, and various handles and latches. The smoker has a small shelf on the front and is mounted on a sturdy frame with two different sets of wheels for mobility.A black, barrel-shaped BBQ smoker with an open lid, revealing two wire racks inside. The smoker has large wheels for mobility and a chimney on the top.
Front view of a closed Meadow Creek BBQ smoker, displaying a temperature gauge and the brand logo.A black Meadow Creek BBQ smoker with an open cooking chamber, showing two stainless steel grates inside.
Full view of a Meadow Creek BBQ smoker trailer with a closed smoking chamber and a front utility basket, mounted on a sturdy black frame.Close-up view of the warming box and firebox of a Meadow Creek BBQ smoker trailer, with open doors and visible shelves inside.
Front view of the Meadow Creek SQ36 offset smoker with the lid closed. It shows the main body, large wheels, and a side firebox with a vent.Front view of the Meadow Creek SQ36 offset smoker with the lid open, displaying the spacious cooking area. The smoker has a prominent logo plate and sturdy construction.
Image of a MAK 2 Star Grill that has meat on it cooking and smoke coming out.  In the distance you can see chairs.

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Elevate your backyard cooking with our selection of premier grills and smokers from top brands like MAK, Twin Eagle, Meadow Creek, Humphrey's BBQ, Gateway Drums, Big Poppa Smokers Drums, and PK Grills. Whether you're a competitive pitmaster or a weekend BBQ enthusiast, our range of championship-style grills and smokers is designed to enhance your grilling experience. Upgrade to professional-quality gear and enjoy consistent, flavorful results every time you fire up the grill. Discover the perfect model for your cooking style and take your BBQ to the next level with our elite grilling and smoking solutions.

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