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Drum Smokers

Welcome to the ultimate destination for barbecue enthusiasts! Dive into our exclusive Drum Smokers collection, featuring a variety of high-quality, durable drum smokers that promise to elevate your grilling game. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pitmaster, our selection caters to all levels of culinary expertise.  The drum smokers are celebrated for their superior heat retention, consistent temperature control, and exceptional flavor infusion. Each smoker is crafted from robust materials designed to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. From compact models perfect for small gatherings to larger units ideal for big events, our collection has everything you need.


Big Poppa's Ultimate DIY Project for the BBQ Lover

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Turn gatherings into memorable feasts with your DIY drum smoker.

Build Your Dream BBQ

Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Drum Smoker

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Save $27.89Collage image displaying a comprehensive view of the BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit Pro Package with all parts assembled including drum smoker, thermometer, drum handles, ash catcher, charcoal nest, grill cooking grate, bottle opener, tool hook shield, and drum smoker cover.An informational layout showing various components of the BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit Pro Package including a lid handle, top vent, bottle opener, mat, thermometer, drum handles, grill cooking grate, tool hook shield, charcoal nest, ash catcher, and drum smoker cover with labeled part names.
BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit - Pro Package Sale price$251.06 Regular price$278.95
Save $206.40Stainless steel drum smoker from Big Poppa Smokers featuring multiple air vents, a thermometer on the side, and the Big Poppa Smokers logo branded near the top. This smoker is designed for efficient cooking with controls for temperature and airflow.A metal smoker with a wooden handle on its lid, emitting smoke. The smoker has the "Big Poppa Smokers" logo on the front and a temperature gauge attached to the side. The background includes a white trailer with some text partially visible.
BPS 90% Assembled SS Drum Smoker Kit Sale price$1,857.59 Regular price$2,063.99
Save $150.40An ensemble of stainless steel drum smoker kit components arranged neatly against a dark background. The set includes a drum, cooking grate, charcoal nest, lid hook, thermometer, and other accessoriesInfographic displaying the components of a BPS Stainless Steel Drum Smoker Kit. The central figure is a shiny stainless steel drum, accompanied by detailed labels and illustrations of included parts such as a lid handle, top vent, thermometer, grill cooking grate, bottle opener, and other accessories. The layout is clean and organized against a white background.
BPS SS Drum Smoker Kit Sale price$1,353.59 Regular price$1,503.99
Save $166.40A comprehensive display of a stainless steel drum smoker kit and its various components. The kit includes a shiny metallic drum, a circular grill cooking grate, a thermometer, and various small tools and hardware, all presented against a black background.An informative graphic detailing the parts included in a BPS Pre-Drilled Stainless Steel Drum Smoker Kit. Featured centrally is a metallic drum, surrounded by parts such as a lid handle, top vent, grill cooking grate, bottle opener, and additional accessories, all on a white background with labels.
BPS Pre-drilled SS Drum Smoker Kit Sale price$1,497.59 Regular price$1,663.99
Save $80.40An array of barbecue smoker accessories displayed on a black background. This includes a carbon drum, several grill tools like a charcoal nest, lid hook, and a grill cooking grate, with additional small accessories such as screws and a thermometer.Infographic showing components of a BPS Pre-Drilled Carbon Drum Smoker Kit. The central image is a metallic drum smoker surrounded by labeled parts like a lid handle, thermometer, grill cooking grate, and bottle opener, all on a grey background.
BPS Pre-Drilled Carbon Drum Smoker Kit Sale price$723.59 Regular price$803.99
Save $67.40A comprehensive set of the BPS Carbon Drum Smoker Kit components arranged around a metallic drum smoker, showcasing tools such as a grill cooking grate, thermometer, bottle opener, and other accessories.Detailed overview of the BPS Carbon Drum Smoker Kit featuring labeled parts including a lid handle, top vent, grill cooking grate, thermometer, and more, all displayed around a central steel drum.
BPS Carbon Drum Smoker Kit Sale price$606.59 Regular price$673.99
Four glossy vertical smokers in a line-up, from left to right: charcoal, blue, red, and black, all with temperature gauges and 'Gateway Drum Smokers' logos.
Image of three Gateway Drum Smokers in a lineup. From left to right, the smokers are charcoal, red, and black. Each smoker has a top vent, front thermometer gauge, and brand logo above the thermometer.
The front view of a black mini drum smoker with a 'Go2 Gateway' logo, featuring a temperature gauge and smoke stack on top.
Top of the Big Poppa Smoker's Drum Smoker with smoke coming out of the vent area.

DIY Kits for Custom Smokers

Build Your Own BBQ Drum Smoker

Do you love BBQ and dream of crafting your own drum smoker? Big Poppa's DIY Drum Kit is the perfect solution for backyard cooks eager to elevate their grilling game. This premier kit includes step-by-step instructions and top-of-the-line materials, making it easy to upgrade your smoker. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a novice looking to delve deeper into the world of smoking, our kit provides everything you need to build a high-performance smoker. Take control of your BBQ adventures by constructing your own drum smoker—start impressing your guests with uniquely smoked flavors. Elevate your cooking and create unforgettable meals with Big Poppa's DIY Drum Kit.

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