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MAK 3 Star Built-In Model

SKU: 1600MAK
Sale price$7,999.00

MAK 3-Star General Built-In Pellet Grill: The Ultimate in Outdoor Cooking Luxury

The MAK 3-Star General Built-In Pellet Grill is a masterpiece of precision and versatility. Crafted from 100% American 304 stainless steel, this high-end grill ensures durability and top-notch quality. Ideal for enthusiasts and professional chefs alike, it offers a massive 858 sq. inches of cooking space, expandable up to 3217.5 sq. inches with additional racks.

The dual firepot design allows for independent temperature control, making it perfect for smoking and grilling simultaneously. With features like remote wi-fi control, ceramic igniters with lifetime warranties, and dual 15-lb pellet hoppers, this grill combines convenience with performance. Achieve perfect results every time with setpoint temperatures ranging from 200°F to 550°F and a smoke-infusing mode of 170°F to 190°F.

Whether you're looking to grill rib-eye steaks, smoke a whole suckling pig, or experiment with cold smoking, the MAK 3-Star General is your go-to solution for a professional-grade cooking experience right in your backyard.

Fully loaded to offer you the best BBQ and grilling experience, here’s some of the MAK 3 Star General’s abilities:

  •  The MAK 3 Star General has the power of reaching amazing temperatures of 650F for grilling and can drop down to low smoking temperatures of 170F - 190F. With controlled temperatures like these, the MAK 3 Star is guaranteed to consistently deliver irresistible BBQ.
  • You'll be satisfied with the MAK 3 Star General’s 660 sq. inch or 2,750 sq. inch (with the upper grate added) of cooking surface. That's a whole lot of cooking space for your next backyard barbecue.
  • The MAK 3 Star General Pellet Grill is made of 304 Stainless Steel and a new scratch hide finish. High-quality materials + superior workmanship = a long-lasting grill.


The MAK 3 Star General comes fully loaded with many features that you will only find on MAK Pellet Grills. Read below to learn about all of the MAK 3 Star General’s perks:


  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel


  • Two independently-controlled, removable firepots
  • Grill at high heat & infuse smoke at the same time
  • Remotely adjust temperatures with the included wi-fi module
  • Two lifetime-warrantied ceramic igniters


  • Upper grate system expands cooking surface to 3217.5 sq. inches
  • Up to four full and two three-quarter slide-in upper racks
  • Dual funnel FlameZones for direct heat/indirect heat cooking


  • Dual front-loading 15-lb. pellet hoppers (30lb. capacity)
  • Pellet hopper dump chutes to easily empty/replace pellets
  • Internal ash cleanout hatches in grill body
  • 4-quart grease & ash drawer


  • 4 80″ long K-style thermocouple meat probes
  • Included wi-fi module, track probe temps over duration of cook

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Front view of a stainless steel MAK Grills pellet smoker, with a 'Pellet Boss' control panel and star ratings on the right side.
MAK 3 Star Built-In Model Sale price$7,999.00