Blues Hog

Blues Hog Champions' Blend BBQ Sauce - 1/2 Gallon

SKU: 561BHC ISBN: 665591893174

Blues Hog Champions' Blend Barbecue Sauce provides the sought after flavor profile many BBQ cooks are seeking for. Consider this BBQ sauce the trifecta as it takes all the great flavors of the existing line of Blue Hogs BBQ sauces and transforms it into a ready-to-use mouthwatering flavor of blended perfection. Champions' Blend BBQ Sauce is thinner than Blues Hog Original Sauce and offers the irresistable flavors of sweet and heat, a touch of smoke and a zesty finish perfectly blended to give you that award-winning flavor you've been longing for.

Blues Hog Champions' Blend Sauce has been tested in the BBQ competition circuit and has already received blue ribbons and several perfect 180 scores! Champions Blend BBQ sauce is a championship sauce that's been proven a winner in the competition circuit and will make you the best BBQ cook in the neighborhood when cooking with this championship sauce in your own backyard.

Whether if it's in the competition circuit or in your backyard, Blues Hog Champions' Blend Sauce will provide you with championship results every time.

Size: 1/2 Gallon

Tip: Blues Hog Champions’ Blend is also offered in a gallon size.

Use on: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish
Gluten Free