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BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit

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Introducing the Original DIY Drum Smoker Kit from Big Poppa – your ticket to crafting a competition-grade smoker right in your own backyard.

With Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit, you're not just building a smoker – you're crafting a legacy of flavor and excellence. Say goodbye to compromises between quality and affordability as you embark on your journey to BBQ mastery.

This comprehensive kit empowers you to customize your smoker to perfection, ensuring it's tailored precisely to your BBQ dreams. From low-and-slow smoking to intense searing and grilling, your homemade masterpiece will exceed all expectations.

Equipped with everything you need, except the drum itself, this kit simplifies the process of transforming a 55-gallon food-grade drum into a BBQ powerhouse. All it takes is a drum, some basic power tools, and a touch of elbow grease to kickstart your ascent to BBQ greatness.

Safety is paramount in our philosophy. We recommend sourcing a food-grade drum with an open top, ideally professionally refurbished or previously used in food service. Avoid drums that may have housed chemicals or ammunition to ensure a worry-free smoking experience.

Crafted for the hands-on BBQ enthusiast who refuses to compromise on quality, Big Poppa's Drum Smoker Kit is your gateway to elevated outdoor cooking without breaking the bank. Revel in the satisfaction of knowing you've built a smoker that smokes, sears, and grills like a true champion.

Join the ranks of proud pitmasters and unleash your BBQ prowess with the Original DIY Drum Smoker Kit from Big Poppa. Your journey to BBQ excellence starts now.

You will need (DIY Drum Kit does NOT include these):

- a 55-gallon food-quality drum and lid

- electric/cordless drill

- one 7/8" wrench (or adjustable wrench)

- one 7/16" wrench (or an adjustable one also.)

- tape measure

- straight edge

Pro-Tip: We recommend that you find an unlined, food grade drum. Please make sure a full burn-in of your drum is completed before assembly with the BPS kit. We suggest burning out your drum AFTER you drill the holes, but BEFORE you add all of the hardware.

- 1 Bottle opener

- 1 Top vent

- 2 bottom slide vents (Stainless Steel)

- Grill Cooking Grate (Nickel Plate)

- Lid Hook

- Lid Handle with wood grips (Stainless Steel)

- Drum Handle with wood grips

- Shield assembly

- Nest Hook

- Nest Assembly (Plain Steel)

- Thermometer

- Mounting Hardware for all parts

- Full assembly instructions


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Love it!!