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BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit

Sale price$178.99

Unlock the Art of Barbecue with the BPS Original DIY Drum Smoker Kit from Big Poppa Smokers

Elevate your backyard BBQ game to championship levels with the Original DIY Drum Smoker Kit by Big Poppa Smokers. This kit isn't just a pathway to creating a competition-grade smoker; it's an investment in becoming a pitmaster legend right from the comfort of your own backyard.

With Big Poppa's  DIY Drum Smoker Kit, you're stepping beyond the ordinary—forging a legacy of taste and top-notch quality. Wave goodbye to settling for less and welcome the thrill of DIY BBQ mastery. Affordable yet uncompromising in quality, this kit invites you to journey towards barbecue perfection.

This all-inclusive package enables you to customize your smoker to the exact specifications of your grilling fantasies. Whether you're aiming for the tender juiciness of low-and-slow smoking or the fiery excitement of high-heat grilling, your home-assembled smoker will surpass all expectations.

Each kit comes equipped with all the essential components; all you need is a 55-gallon food-grade drum, some simple tools, and a bit of DIY spirit to embark on your quest for the ultimate BBQ experience.

Safety and Quality First: We prioritize your health and safety by recommending the use of a food-grade drum, ideally one that's been professionally refurbished or previously utilized in food services, ensuring a safe, chemical-free smoking adventure.

Designed for the dedicated BBQ enthusiast who demands the best, the Big Poppa DIY Drum Smoker Kit is your ticket to affordable, premium outdoor cooking. Experience the pride and satisfaction of knowing you've crafted a smoking, searing, grilling masterpiece that stands out in the crowd.

Join the community of proud pitmasters today and start your journey to BBQ excellence with the Original DIY Drum Smoker Kit from Big Poppa Smokers. Where great BBQ stories begin.

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Thomas D.

Love it!!



Exploded view of BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit including labeled parts such as lid handle, top vent, grill cooking grate, bottle opener, thermometer, drum handle, charcoal nest, tool hook shield, charcoal nest hook, vent side door and hardware.
BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit Sale price$178.99