8” Brad Leone Signature Series Chinese Santoku Cleaver

SKU: 802LAM ISBN: 82498565285

As featured by Brad Leone on Bon Appetit's It's Alive, the Bad Boy can chop, cut or crush on command!
This Brad Leone Signature knife features a walnut handle

Designed, assembled, and finished by Lamson Products, a Massachusetts Company since 1837
Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects

- Full-Tang Blade (blade runs the full length of the handle)
- Santoku shape
- Tempered American High-Carbon Stainless Steel
- Flat Ground for precision and then hand-sharpened and finished for razor-sharp edge

- Shaped and contoured durable Walnut handle scales
- Ergonomically designed for safe and comfortable use, no matter how you hold a knife
- Sturdy Brass Rivet construction

Care & Sharpening:
- Hone the blade edge regularly with a honing steel or whetstone
- If edge becomes dull even after honing, please have the blade professionally sharpened or send back to Lamson for Free Sharpening

- Hand-wash your cleaver with warm soapy water
Dry immediately with a soft clean cloth

*Dishwasher is NOT recommended*

- Periodically apply Mineral Oil to the handle to prevent drying out

- Store your cleaver safely