BBQ Vortex - Large


Be the master of your charcoal grill.

Enhance your charcoal grilling and smoking experience with the BBQ Vortex. The BBQ Vortex is heavy-duty BBQ accessory that allows you to take control of your fire by redirecting the flow of heat in your charcoal BBQ pit. With the BBQ Vortex you'll have the versatility to cook with direct, indirect, indirect-direct and infrared heat!

Turn out top backyard BBQ results by cooking low and slow or hot and fast with the BBQ Vortex by your side. The BBQ Vortex assist you in turning out top backyard BBQ results and helps reduce unnecessary charcoal burn. It's made from stainless steel to provide you with years of reliable cooking versatility. Cook competition quality meat in your own backyard and save money with this innovative BBQ accessory.

The BBQ Vortex is one of the best BBQ accessories on the market, get yours today and try it with your charcoal grill or smoker - it's a must have for any charcoal BBQ enthusiast.

Please note: This BBQ Vortex is a size large.

- BGE XLarge
- Big Joe
- Drum Smoker (UDS) - 55 gallon recommended