BBQ Vortex - Small

SKU: 859VOR ISBN: 860222000710

Become a master charcoal cook with the BBQ Vortex by your side. It's a heavy-duty, stainless steel BBQ accessory that will allow you to take control of your barbecue pit.

The BBQ vortex allows you to take control of your flames. By redirecting the heat in your pit, this BBQ accessory allows you to cook with: indirect, indirect-direct, direct, and infrared heat! Achieve the perfect searing zone or true indirect heat flow across your charcoal grill or smoker with the BBQ Vortex. This innovative BBQ accessory provides you with versatility and top BBQ results, it's a must have for backayard charcoal enthusiasts everywhere.

Master the flames of your charcoal cooker and reduce your charcoal waste with the BBQ Vortex. Try it on your drum smoker, ceramic grill and any other charcoal grill/smoker - works great with lump charcoal or briquettes.

Please note: This BBQ Vortex is a size small.

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