Brutal BBQ

Brutal BBQ Fireguard Charcoal Starter

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Brutal BBQ's Fireguard is the solution that puts and end to the struggle of getting a fire started. Fireguard is a simple to sue charcoal or wood igniter that's designed to maximize fire and oxygen exposure. There are no complicated steps required and it can be used with any charcoal grill. Getting a charcoal or wood fire started has never been easier. You only need to follow these simple steps.

Light up your favorite fire starter.

Cover it with Fireguard

Place charcoal on top

That’s it! It does not require any further manipulation. Fireguard was designed to work with most kinds of commercial and house made (such as napkins with cooking oil) starters. Fireguard is made from ductile cast iron instead of normal gray cast iron. This gives it ductile properties so it won’t break if it falls or if it receives a normal hit from cooking, setting up the grill, etc. This handy tool will practically last a life time.

Fun Fact: Fireguard was tested for 100 straight days, lighting a bag of charcoal or firewood per day and there is no perceivable wear or damage to the tool.

Please note: Fireguard will heat up to extremely hot temperatures while it is working, so it shouldn't be manipulated. If you need to move it from the grill, you should wait until the fire has completely extinguished and Fireguard has cooled to room temperature.