Butcher BBQ

Butcher BBQ Prime Dust - 1lb


Upgrade your beef with an award winning BBQ injection, Butcher BBQ Prime Dust Injection. This BBQ injection is used by both backyard BBQ cooks and competition BBQ cooks for it’s ability to turn ordinary beef into blue ribbon worthy meat.

Prime dust is made with REAL beef that creates a deep, rich flavor and adds tenderness and moisture to your beef - brisket, steak, any cut of beef can be enhanced when injected with Prime Dust.

Turn your beef into championship meat with the help of Butcher BBQ Prime Dust, it’s sure to wow your friends and judges.

Directions: Mix 1/4 cup of Prime Dust and 3/4 cup of Butcher BBQ injection with 2 cups of water. Mix together to help prevent lumping in the water. You are now ready to inject. Use a meat injector to get the beef injection into your meat. Refrigerate after mixing.

Ingredients: Beef Stock, Flavor, and salt