F. Dick

F. Dick 4" Narrow Stiff Boning Knife - Ergogrip


For trouble-free trimming, deboning and slicing task, grab an F.Dick 4’’ Stiff Narrow Boning Knife. It’s a great boning knife for cutting tendons, around bones and it’s ergogrip handle brings comfort and balance to the task.

Made from high carbon steel, this boning knife has been made to last. The fine-edge blade can withstand daily use and holds it's edge longer than most knives on the market. The stiff blade is perfect for deboning thicker meats such as pork and beef. The F.Dick 4’’ Narrow Stiff Boning knife will make a great addition to any commercial kitchen.

Made in Germany
High Carbon Steel
NSF Certified
Ergogrip handle
4’’ stiff blade