Big Poppa Smokers

Big Poppa BBQ Mat 18.5" - for Drum Smoker Kit

SKU: 640FMT ISBN: 849914001686

The Big Poppa Mats featured on this page measure in at a diameter of 18.5", usable on Drum Smoker Kits and Weber Kettles!

Make clean-up a breeze with Big Poppa Mats now sized for drum smokers.

Big Poppa Mats are great for cooking fish, vegetables, kabobs, basically anything and it makes it 100x easier.

Big Poppa Mats have been FDA certified, and easy to clean and care for; simply wash them in your sink, or hose them down outside.

These mats have a max temp of 500F, and will burn when exposed to direct flame, we have designed them for use in indirect cooking only, so please only have the charcoal basket at the lowest setting when using these mats on your Drum Smoker.