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Big Poppa BBQ Mat 21.5" x 19.5" - for MAK

SKU: 402FML ISBN: 849914001723

Big Poppa BBQ Cooking Mats are a life-saver. They save your smaller grilling creations from falling into their fiery doom and are even easy to clean.

Big Poppa Cooking Mats are 100% non-stick, the fear of flipping your food and it falling apart is no more. No more having to rub and scrub to get food off your grates. Simply wash your BBQ mat in your sink, outside with your hose, or pop it in your dishwasher.

Enjoy your worry-free grilling again and again with Big Poppa Resuable Mats, they are duable and last for YEARS.

These mats are rated for a maximum temperature of 500F and will burn when exposed to direct flame, we have designed them for use in indirect cooking only, so please exercise caution.

The 21.5”x19.5” Big Poppa Mats featured on this page are sized to fit the main cooking chamber on MAK 2 Star General grills.

21.5" x 19.5"