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Big Poppa BBQ Mat 17" x 24.5"

SKU: 484FMM ISBN: 849914001730

We love grilling, but hate the clean-up that comes afterwards.

Having to scrape and rub food off the grill is definitely a thing of the past with this Big Poppa Cooking Mat.

Big Poppa BBQ Mats are a teflon-coated fiberglass mesh cloth that you can lay flat on top of your cooking grate. Being 100% non-stick; food sticking on your grill is ENTIRELY not an issue anymore. Grilling ANYTHING is easy and so is clean-up.

These cooking mats can be washed in the sink, hosed down outside, and are even dishwasher safe. The care for Big Poppa BBQ Mats is minimal. The BBQ mat's durability is something you have to see for yourself to believe, they are reusable and will last you years!

These cooking mats will burn when exposed to direct flame, we have designed them for use in indirect cooking only, so please exercise caution.

The Big Poppa Mats featured on this page measure in at a versatile 17"x 24.5", usable on many different grills or smokers!

17" x 24.5"