Blues Hog

Blues Hog Bold & Beefy Seasoning - 25oz

SKU: 556BHB ISBN: 665591000282

It’s time to replace your salt and pepper with the bold flavor of Blues Hog Bold & Beefy Seasoning. Blues Hog Bold & Beefy Seasoning isn’t afraid to be BOLD - this seasoning offers a bold pepper taste with hints of garlic salt and a light beef flavor.

Blues Hog Bold & Beefy Seasoning is versatile with it’s bold and beefy flavor profile. Try this BBQ seasoning on steak, brisket, chops, burgers and veggies. Tested on the competition BBQ circuit and approved by many backyard BBQ masters, this seasoning will quickly take its place in your spice cabinet.

Use on: Burgers, Fries, Tacos, Eggs, Steak, and Vegetables!
Gluten Free