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BPS Drum Kit Adapter for The BBQ Guru System

SKU: 938DRM ISBN: 84991424937

The BPS Drum Kit adapter for the BBQ Guru has arrived!

This adapter is made out of stainless steel, and intended for use with the BBQ Guru and fan kits that are made for 55 gallon drums. This adapter is for use with your already existing BPS bottom vent slide door & mount. There is no thread on the BPS BBQ Guru adapter, it is a slip in fit. The internal diameter is 31 mm.

Please note: If you don't already have the BPS Bottom Vent Slide Mount, you will need to purchase one to use this adapter.

The recommended fan kit for this adapter is The BBQ Guru Pit Viper 10cfm fan.

Please note: The BPS Drum Kit Guru Adapter is also compatible with the BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2.

- Slip in fit.

- Internal Diameter: 31 mm