Big Poppa Smokers

BPS Drum Smoker Side Table


Big Poppa's Drum Smoker Kit just keeps getting better and better! The Engineers at BPS are always working to improve your smoking experience with the BPS Drum Smoker Kit. Now, we've made one of the most practical solutions to one of the most common problems in smoking: not having enough free space.

How many times have you fumbled setting down serving platters, a beer, or a thermometer, just so you can have hands free to pull a pork butt or slab of ribs? Well now the problem is solved with the Drum Smoker Side Table.

Please note: This side table is exclusively for use with the BPS Drum Smoker Kit.

- The Drum Smoker Side Table gives you 14"x18" of extra space added to your Drum Smoker.

- Featuring Maple wood with a mineral oil finish

- Brackets of powder coated steel

- Stainless steel hardware

- Weighing in at only 4.25 pounds