MAK Grills

MAK 1 Star General Pellet Grill & Smoker


The MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill and Smoker is the best BBQ investment you’ll ever make. It has everything a backyard barbecue enthusiast needs; it’s reliable, versatile, easy to use, and best of all, it’s precision-crafted in the USA. The MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill & Smoker offers exceptional heat refraction and cooking performance; MAK Grill owners brag about the consistent temperatures their MAK 1 Star delivers all with the touch of a button. The versatility of the MAK 1 Star smoker gives you the power to expertly grill, smoke, bake, and even roast. Do it all on the easy to use MAK 1 Star BBQ Pellet Grill & Smoker.

Anyone can level up their barbecue when cooking with a MAK 1 Star General, from BBQ beginners to BBQ professionals. The innovative technology on the MAK 1 Star Grill & Smoker makes every cook an effortless experience.

Now with the MAK Grills Mobile Wifi capability included and preinstalled on every unit, you can monitor your temps and control your cook from your phone.

Learn more about the amazing features the MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill and Smoker has to offer:

Ultimate Temperature Control

Effortlessly barbecue with the assistance of the MAK Pellet boss; The MAK Pellet Boss allows you to set your MAK 1 Star General to any desired temperature and alerts you when your food is done - set up to three temperature probes at a time! For more advanced grilling, you can create custom programs that change the temperature at pre-set times. You can also set timers, temperature alarms; and if you want to test for accurate pit temperatures, you can manually move the roaming thermocouple to any location on the grill/smoker thanks to MAK’s innovative Roaming Thermocouple (TC) System. You will be able to track accurate interior temperatures from anywhere on the grill. More precise temperatures = less effort needed + better BBQ results. The Pellet Boss is the most advanced pellet controller on the market! You’ll be able to walk away from your MAK 1 Star General, worry-free, and let your grill do the work with controlled temperatures like these.

MAK Mobile Wifi Capability

MAK Mobile allows you to operate your grill using any device with a web browser. Change and set grill temperatures, set meat probe alerts, graph cooks for future reference, receive text or email notification alerts anywhere, anytime.

Direct Heat “Flame Zone" System

MAK Grills Flame Zone system is exclusive to MAK grills; setting the MAK 1 Star apart from other pellet grills on the market. The Flame Zone system provides direct heat allowing you to expertly sear steaks, burgers, chops, and vegetables. The Flame Zone also creates better heat utilization in the cooking chamber, helps the grill heat up quickly - even in cold weather - reduces pellet consumption and produces smoke up to 325 F. Don’t need direct heat? Simply place the Flame Zone cover into place and you can use the MAK 1 Star to bake or smoke. The MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill & Smoker truly is an all-in-one cooker.

The Flame Zone system includes 2 Flame Zone covers, a Flame Zone pan, a grease tray, and a heat diffuser lid.

FlashFire Ignition System

Your MAK 1 Star General will include the amazing FlashFire Igniter to get a quick fire started every time. Go from 0-smokin’ in minutes (fire starts within 60 seconds!) The FlashFire Igniter System is only available for MAK pellet grills, no other pellet grills have this outstanding feature. Best of all, MAK Flashfire Igniter's include a standard lifetime warranty for a lifetime of quick start-ups.

Amazing Cooking Space

The MAK 1 Star has a whole 429 sq. inches of cooking space to get your grill on - just like the MAK 2 Star. Need more space? Add an optional slide-in upper grate system that easily adds 50%, 75%, or even 100% more cooking area when you purchase the upper grates! More cook space = more BBQ… which is always a good thing.

Pellet Hopper Dump Chute

The MAK 1 Star features a Pellet Hopper Dump Chute to make changing your pellets or servicing your grill convenient with an easy to access dump door. Simply place a bucket under your hopper and open the trapdoor to release the pellets.

The Pellet Hopper holds 20 lbs of pellets - no need to worry about refilling your pellets during a long cook.

Ash Clean-out Door

Nobody likes cleaning their grill; lucky for you, the MAK 1 Star makes it easy! The ash/grease removal system allows you to brush out the inside of your unit into a bucket below. The clean-out door slides open from the outside of the unit to expose the area inside to clean the unit.

Made in the USA

The MAK 1 Star is precision-crafted in the USA from 16 gauge aluminized steel body & 14 gauge stainless steel interior components for max durability and amazing heat retention. It's the same grade material your indoor oven is made from! The MAK 1 Star isn’t just another grill or smoker, it’s a pellet cooker that will deliver top performance for years and years to come.

Black Powder Coat Finish

The MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill features a black powder coat finish, rather than just conventional paint. The powder coat creates a hard finish and allows for easy touch-up solutions for MAK grill owners.

Pro-tip: The MAK 1 Star pellet grill & smoker can easily be customized to better suit your BBQ needs. Simply select additional options when you place your order. You can add a front shelf, bottom shelf, cover, additional meat probes, Wifi module, and much more

Bonus! To get you smokin' you’ll receive additional MAK goodies included with your MAK 1 Star Grill & Smoker purchase. You’ll be ready to BBQ from the moment your MAK 1 Star Grill arrives with these extra goodies! We’ll give you a hint: Sauce.

Harsh weather and your MAK Grill:

You may be wondering, "How does the MAK Grill handle rain, snow, and wind?"

The best place for your MAK grill is under a cover and out of extreme weather, but if you absolutely have to grill, there are no worries because the MAK pellet grill was built to handle any weather condition. Check out these pro-MAK tips below for cooking in harsh weather:

The thickness of the steel used in the MAK grill bodies (16 gauge) helps the grill cook at consistent temperatures - no matter what the weather is like.
Use Oak, Hickory, or Mesquite pellets in cold weather. They burn hotter!
Always be plugged into a GROUNDED 110 outlet with a GFCI plug.
If it's windy - keep your casters locked on your MAK grill to keep it in place.
Keep your MAK grill & smoker out of puddles or standing water.
Keep your wood pellets dry! Soggy/wet pellets will ruin your MAK.
Please note: MAK Grills take 3-5 business days to process.

Manufacturer note: Do NOT use GrillGrates brand with MAK Grill models. They restrict airflow and can lead to issues with your MAK grill.

Grill Dimensions: 49"H x 40"W x 21.5"D

Cooking Surface: 429/858 sq inches (with upper full rack).

Grate Dimensions: 19.5" x 22". Height from the grates to the top of the grill 14" tall.

Weight: 160 lbs.

Grease Collection: 2 qt. grease drawer - easy cleanup!

Construction: 16g Aluminized steel body for heat retention & durability - 14g Stainless Steel interior components.

Finish: High heat black powder coat finish

Smoking Temp Range: 170F-190F

Cooking Temp Range: 170F-600F

Casters: 3-inch heavy-duty poly-carbonate locking casters

FlameZone System - for expert grilling and searing

MAK Grills Mobile Wifi Capability - preinstalled

Removable stainless steel fire pot - for easy cleanup

Black Powder Coat Finish

Flashfire Ignition

Ash Clean-out Door

20lb pellet hopper - perfect for long, overnight BBQ cooks!

Pellet Boss Temp Control Unit - with up to date software

Enclosed electronics

Swivel locking casters

3-year limited warranty

Slide-in rack system - Use with the upper full, 1/2, or 3/4 racks.

Split cooking grate

Automatic Auger - Stops when pellet hopper is opened

Roaming Thermocouple System - for accurate pit temps!

1 K-Style Meat Probe