MAK Grills

MAK 2 Star Cabinet Door


Turn the bottom half of your MAK 2 Star into a convenient storage cabinet with the MAK 2 Star Cabinet Kit.

The MAK 2 Star Cabinet Kit is a door that encloses the bottom portion of the MAK 2 Star providing you with much needed storage space. Store extra racks, BBQ tools, and so much more! It's the ultimate MAK 2 Star Grill upgrade.

You'll love the stainless steel finish of the cabinet kit that pairs perfectly with your MAK 2 Star. Please note, the 2-Star cabinet door is only compatible with models 2017-present.

Dimensions: 21.75″W x 22.75″H x 0.75″D

304 stainless steel

DA finish

Give the front of your Two-Star General a finished look