MAK Grills

MAK FlameZone®


MAK Grills FlameZone system sets MAK Grills apart from all other pellet smokers on the market. The FlameZone system allows you to expertly sear and grill by providing you with direct heat. The Flame Zone also creates better heat utilization in the cooking chamber, helps the grill heat up quickly - even in cold weather - reduces pellet consumption and produces smoke up to 325 F. Don’t need direct heat? Simply place the Flame Zone cover into place and you can use your MAK grill to bake or smoke.

The FlameZone System consist of:

2 FlameZone covers

The FlameZone pan (with perforated holes)

The grease tray - on which the FlameZone pan sits

The heat diffuser lid

Keep in mind that the MAK 2 star comes standard with the FlameZone. This FlameZone is sold for those who wish to add a FlameZone system to their MAK 1 Star 2016 and over models.

The Blank FlameZone™ pan is meant to be a replacement for the perforated FlameZone™ pan and covers that come standard with the FlameZone™ system.

304 Stainless Steel

Angled FlameZone™ pan allows grease to flow down and into the grease drawer.