Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek BBQ18 Grill + Chicken Flipper


Meadow Creek’s BBQ18 chicken flipper + grill may be small but that doesn’t change it’s amazing cooking capabilities. This small chicken cooker has the ability to provide any BBQ cook with championship results on chicken and any other meat. Its small size allows for easy portability making this quality BBQ cooker perfect for tailgates, picnics, and small gatherings.

Crispy skin, tenderness, and amazing color are what you get when using the BBQ18 chicken flipper and grill. The innovative cooking system of the BBQ18 allows for you to get fast, delicious cooking results like no other BBQ cooker on the market. Double-sided grates allow you to easily turn your chicken all at one time, the grates are perfectly distanced from the flames to provide evenly cooked chicken, and the surface of the grates function as a general grill for any BBQ cooking.

The BBQ 18 is portable, affordable, versatile, easy to use, super effective and heavy-duty. You can expect to have your chicken perfecting machine for a long time. The BBQ18 is USA made and hand-crafted from only the highest quality 13 gauge steel and finished with heat-resistant BBQ paint for max durability.

Become a BBQ gourmet chef at your next tailgate with Meadow Creek's BBQ18 grill and chicken flipper.

Overall Dimensions
19"h x 25"l x 19"w

Grate Dimensions
16" x 12"

Metal Thickness
13 guage

Net Weight
60 lbs.

Shipping Weight
75 lbs.

Capacity of Sausage Links

Capacity of Party Wings
5 lbs.

Capacity of Hamburgers

Capacity of Ribeye Steaks

Hinged Lid

Calibratable stainless steel thermometer.

Rotating double-sided grate made of food-grade T304 stainless steel rod which won’t rust.

Charcoal Pan Insert

Vent in Lid

Grill body is made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.

Charcoal Pan Height
Adjustment Brackets