Meadow Creek

Meadow Creek BX50


Meadow Creek has done it again! This time, they have won Meathead's Gold Award for value on for their new cabinet smoker design on the BX50. It’s just that effective.

The BX50 is easy to use, fuel-efficient, and it has been hand-crafted to be a heavy-duty smoking machine. It’s no surprise that it won Meathead’s Gold Award for value. Being Meadow Creek USA-made, the BX50 cabinet smoker is the last smoker you’ll ever need.

What sets the BX50 apart from other box smokers is its amazing features and abilities. No other smoker can compare to the BX50’s ability to function as both a wet and dry smoker. The unique water replenishing system of the BX50 provides you with deliciously juicy, smoky meat and for dry smoking, simply do not add water to the water jug and you’ll be able to dry smoke jerky to perfection. Enjoy the fuel efficiency of the BX50, with no need to refill on fuel for up to 8-12 hours, you can relax while your food cook’s on its own. This cabinet smoker does such a great job at keeping a consistent temperature, you can leave it smoking overnight with no worries. The BX50 is the easiest box smoker you’ll ever use and need.

The BX50 has everything you need in a cabinet smoker and so much more. Get yourself a dependable, effective, compact BBQ smoker that will deliver blue-ribbon results for years! Use this portable smoking machine for catering, competition, or backyard fun.

Overall Dimensions
66”h x 44”w x 34”d

Smoking Chamber Dimensions
29"h x 24"w x 20"d

Cooking Area
11.56 sq. ft. (1665 sq. in.)

Fire Basket Dimensions
6”h x 18”w x 20”l

Grate Dimensions
18” x 22”

Number of Grates

Grate Style
Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

Insulation Thickness

Metal Thickness
13 Gauge

Net Weight
625 lbs.

Shipping Weight
725 lbs.

Capacity of Pork Butts

Capacity of Baby Back Ribs

Capacity of Spare Ribs

Capacity of St. Louis Ribs

Capacity of Whole Briskets

Capacity of Brisket Flats

Capacity of Chicken Halves

Double walls with 1" insulation

Auto-feed water system and a 5-gallon water jug

Removable water pan

Built for wet and dry smoking

Slide-out cooking grates made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod

Adjustable grate configuration (There are 7 slots total, with the option of adding three more grates.)

Painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish

Positive-lock latches on all doors

Built-in Guru adapter for temp controller mounting

Slide-out charcoal basket with a grate for the ashes to fall through

Rolls on 2 solid tires and
2 locking casters

Stainless steel handles

2 stainless steel calibratable thermometers

Cast iron spin vents at the bottom of the firebox for precise draft control

Uncoated steel interior

Usage Recommendations
For smoking, we recommend using non-petroleum based starters. Residue in the smoke from these starters can contaminate the cooking box, potentially effecting the flavor of the meat. The use of a torch or paper and kindling is most effective.

Use approximately 20 lbs. of charcoal in the fire box to get started. Once the meat is placed in the smoker, you can add wood in the fire box for smoking. From there, you can use either wood or charcoal. Add wood or charcoal as needed to maintain the correct temperature. 20 pounds of charcoal lasts for 8 hours cooking at 250 degrees F.

Fill the water pan and then fill the jug at the beginning of your cook. It will take about 5 gallons of water to cook for 12 hours.