Obie-Cue's Big Bulls Brisket Rub - 13oz

SKU: 717OBQ ISBN: 22702999116

Obie-Cue's Big Bulls Brisket Rub was crafted just for beef. It's a classic blend of chile, garlic with a little salt and savory herbs that together provide a robust Texas BBQ flavor. Following the the directions on the label will help you create authentic Texas brisket results like the BBQ pro's.

Aside from being a must on brisket, Big Bulls Brisket Rub is great on burgers, steaks, anything beef. Stop mixing your own rubs at home and let Obie Cue's Big Bulls Brisket Rub do the heavy lifting.

Use On: Burgers, Steaks, anything Beef!

MSF Free

Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic, Parsley, Obie's Secret Spices