Unknown BBQ

Unknown BBQ Chimney Griller


Convert your chimney starter into a fast grilling machine with a cooking grate for your chimney starter.

Easily grill steaks, pork chops and burgers with only a handful of charcoal with a handy Chimney Grate by your side. It’s fast, portable, and easy to use. It may be the best BBQ accessory for quick meals in direct heat. It’s perfect for BBQ lovers who are looking to cook a quick delicious meal without wasting charcoal - you’ll have high heat capabilities in just minutes.

Don’t worry about this Unknown Chimney Griller being wobbly or unsafe to use, it features bent tabs to keep it in place while in use. Best of all, this Unknown Chimney Grate is made out of 11 gauge stainless steel in the USA to offer you durability and a quality grilling experience.

Please Note: This product does not come with a chimney starter. You will need to buy a chimney starter separately. This Chimney Starter Grate fits a chimney starter with a diameter of 7.75''.
Disclaimer: The users of this chimney starter grate install/use it at their own risk. The manufacturer will not accept liability for any accidents, damage, or loss incurred.

Made out of 11 gauge stainless steel in the USA

Fits a chimney starter with a diameter of 7.75''