Head Country

Head Country Hot BBQ Sauce - 20oz

SKU: 568HCB ISBN: 28239003203

Looking to bring your outdoor cooking to another level? Get those taste buds poppin' with Head country Hot BBQ Sauce, it's been Winning Hearts & Championships since 1947 and is Oklahoma's #1 selling BBQ Sauce. People just can't get enough.

This hot BBQ sauce is similar to Head Country's Original Sauce but with a blend of red and black pepper to add some mouthwatering spice to your food. Use this barbecue sauce on ribs, chicken or spice up your brisket, for any food you want to add some heat to, this is the BBQ sauce for it. It's guaranteed to not disappoint.

Best of all this is a tomato based sauce that contains no MSG, no Glutens, and no allergens! Say bye to preservatives and hello to pure deliciousness.

Use On: Pork, Chicken.