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Simply Marvelous BBQ Rub Genie's Elixir - 16oz

SKU: 148SME ISBN: 815416011058

One of the newest items from Steph Franklin, aka, "The Genie," - Genie's Elixir! Steph Franklin is not only a championship BBQ pit master, he is also a gourmet caterer who has crafted all of the gourmet Simply Marvelous rub line flavors.

The Simply Marvelous Genie's Elixir is a BBQ competition-grade phosphate that is proven to enhance your marinades and injections in BBQ pulled pork, BBQ brisket, poultry, and fish.

Use On: Pulled Pork, BBQ Brisket, Poultry, and Fish.

Directions: As a marinade - dissolve 1oz of Elixir in 1 cup of water, or preferred liquid per 13lbs of meat. refridgerate for 4-6 hours. As an injection - Dissolve 1/8 cup of Elixir to 1 cup of preferred liquid.

Ingredients: Sodium Phosphates